It’s time to change the brake pads. The four signals remind you, don’t be stupid and confused.
In theory, the brake pads need to be replaced every 50,000 kilometers. However, in actual vehicles, the replacement time may be advanced and delayed. When to replace the brake pads, there is often a “signal” to remind you. The brake pads can be replaced as soon as possible to ensure braking safety and avoid accidents.

The vehicle’s own indicator lights up

When the brake indicator light on the instrument panel lights up, this is the vehicle sensor reminding you through the instrument that when it is time to adjust the brake, the instrument may light up intermittently during this time period, although it can still be used for a short time , But Big Cat still recommends that you go to the car maintenance store to check the maintenance system in time. Change the brake disc when you change the brake disc, and change the disc when you change the disc. The brake system must not tolerate the slightest omission.

Different sounds when braking

Under normal circumstances, we will feel the brakes are soft or hard, but when we brake, we feel the sizzling sound and realize that the iron is rubbing against the iron, which actually reminds us that the brake pads are already at their limit. When the brake pads need to be replaced immediately, it can be said that it is urgent. When this kind of metal friction sound occurs, it is possible that the brake disc has been damaged, and even the brake disc needs to be replaced at the same time. Of course, whether it needs to be replaced, if you are a novice, it is best to find a professional car maintenance store for inspection.
Different foot feel when braking

As the vehicle mileage increases, the number of braking is gradually increasing. When braking, the brake pedal needs to be stepped to a deeper position to achieve the desired braking effect, and during this period, the braking effect is obviously attenuated, or feel The brakes become soft, so it is time to go to the car maintenance shop to test the brake system. It is likely that the time has come to replace the brake pads. Of course, when this happens, the facts have reached the urgency. Don’t let yourself be lucky.

Judge the thickness of the brake pads directly with the naked eye

In some models, the thickness of the brake pads can be seen with the naked eye. Under normal circumstances, the thickness of the brake pads is about 1.5cm, but when you find that the brake pads have become thinner to only about 0.5cm, you have been reminded that you need to replace the brake pads. Some car owners may have to wait until the instrument lights or the vehicle’s mileage reaches 50,000 kilometers before considering the replacement of the car maintenance store. Although there is nothing wrong with this, they often ignore the road and installation time to the car maintenance store for replacing the brake pads. Cost, in fact, when entering the car maintenance shop, when the technician detects that the brake pads almost need to be replaced, there is no need to insist. Of course, there are more high-end models, which is unrealistic.
Although we provide scientific testing, testing also requires costs and of course also consumes our time. Theoretically scheduled and scheduled maintenance, because the quality of the vehicle is different from everyone’s habit of using the car, it is normal to replace the brake pads early or late. If you stick to the theoretical data, it is tantamount to a sword. 

So when your car has the above four conditions, please go to a reliable car maintenance store nearby for maintenance.

John Doe
04th Sep 2020